Central Line: Leadership in Healthcare

Advancing Leadership Education in Medicine with Dr. Nina Ahuja

July 23, 2020

After completing her medical degree at McMaster University followed by residency training in ophthalmology at University of Ottawa, Dr. Ahuja began her surgical practice in Hamilton in 2003. Dr. Ahuja has held numerous executive leadership roles at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and is a Certified Health Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders. Dr. Ahuja founded Docs in Leadership to promote and deliver physician-developed leadership curriculum for all health professionals, with best practices relevant to the health system context.


Dr. Nina Ahuja share with us her passion for her work in ophthalmology and the impact she sees on a daily basis. She talks about her experiences with developing physician and healthcare leadership. Specifically, how to enhance health system literacy and emotionally intelligent leadership. She also shares with us how strong leadership influences the care and experience of the patient.


Finally, she tells us about her new book "Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned Through My Years As A Surgeon, From Med School To Residency, And Beyond" which discusses the role of stress on physician wellbeing through personal stories and experiences. Finally, we close the conversation with Dr. Ahuja offering practical ideas on how to manage stress in healthcare.

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